Pocket Poems

What would you give for poems you can pluck from your pocket when needing a little lift? Is $10 too much? Mrs. Collins partnered with New Orleanian poet Jason Moore to create this collection of itty-bitty engraved poems—there are five—to be carried in your pocket. Or pocket book.

Occasionally available at Crescent City Books across from the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.

At 2″ X 4″, this diminutive, delicate, accordion folded, Haiku anthology reads with a quiet prescience wholly welcome in our time. Carry it yourself to read and create a calm moment during a hectic day. Or give it to a loved one who may need a tiny break.

Each page contains one or two poems. The collection is engraved in black ink on vintage, sky blue, 9# onion skin and is housed in a glassine envelope. As an object, Pocket Poems is delicate. Experiencing each missive brings joy and a reminder of the ephemeral nature of our universe.

Here are the five Haiku by Jason Moore:

In still moonlight
a dark boat just drifting
abandoned by the waves

The cold is taking its dark
Violin from its case.

The herons on the beach
Have breathed in centuries of Sea,
Yet not the slightest trace
Of heaviness, Gravity
In their bellies.
They toe the land and the waters perfectly,
Lightly, as if almost gone.

Loneliness: even
The mirror looking for a way
Out of its skin.


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