Hand Engraved Stationery Lettering Styles

Exclusively from Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer, real hand engraved stationery lettering styles proprietary to this industry, in the last century.

Have your bespoke, personal stationery hand engraved with your name in one of these legacy lettering styles. These are not fonts, they are hand lettering cut in steel then printed on a century-old engraving press. Shown are just a few from the Masterplate library still offered here, we are one of the very few sources for these styles.

There are crazy-kooky styles, traditional styles, classically hand engraved styles. There are styles reminiscent of wedding invitations ones totally mid-20th century! There are styles from the 1970s when hand engraving began to fall out of favor for quicker, and less expensive, photo-etched copper plates that are generated a computer.


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