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General Questions

What is bespoke?

No template, no catalog. Every element of your commission is exclusive to you. All one-of-a-kind. Bespoke is to stationery as couture is to fashion. Here’s a 29 second video that explains the way Mrs. Collins thinks about bespoke stationery:

What is a stationer?

The term goes back centuries. Our intended use is to describe our fixed entity, Nancy Sharon Collins. A real person. Not a software interface, a real human. You can talk with her! She loves conversing with clients about monograms, ciphers, and most of all engraved stationery.

Does Mrs. Collins have a store I can visit?

No. All client engagement is remote and has been for a very long time.

Can I buy Mrs. Collins’s stationery product in a retail outlet?

All custom made stationery and stationery products are available exclusively through Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer LLC.


What do I get when I commission a monogram?

You receive a black and white, Finished Pencil Sketch Design provided digitally as a TIFF and JPG.

Are these monograms and ciphers calligraphy?

No. Calligraphy is created with a brush or a pen. Mrs. Collins draws with a graphite pencil. A stubby one. Her favorite.

Do I own the monogram or cipher Design?

Yes. All rights for reproduction are transferred with the transmittal of your finished pencil sketch Design. All preliminary work (research and all sketches prior to the finished pencil sketch Design) remain the property of this establishment. We also retain the right to use preliminary and finished work on this website and social media.


Can I get engraved stationery from Mrs. Collins with the bespoke, hand-drawn monogram or cipher she created for me?

Yes, absolutely. Half of our business is creating bespoke hand engraved social stationery. You might also think about an elegant, simple, name and address stationery suite. Or just your address! Which is done all the time as house stationery.

How does the stationery creation process work?

You can learn about it on the Stationery page.


What is engraving?

Engraving is an intaglio printing process. The opposite of letterpress. Engraved printing stands proud on top of the paper’s surface and letterpress printing is indented. To learn more about the different engraving methods, order our “What Is Engraving?” informational booklet here.

What is hand engraving?

A highly accomplished artisan cuts a design into metal, by hand, with a very sharp tool similar to a knife. The artisan is called an engraver and the tool is called a graver. It is interesting to note that the apprentice time to become a master engraver is ten years.

What is photo-engraving?

Photo-engraving is actually etching, usually on a 1/16” copper plate. About 98% of all stationery engraving today is etched. In etching, acid is used to make the “cut”.

Is hand engraving better than photo-engraving (etching)?

Because it is literally cut by hand, hand engraving looks a bit warmer, more personal, and human.

Timing & Fees

How long does a project take?

It depends upon the complexity of the project. Should your project be time sensitive, it is best to discuss this in an initial consultation with Mrs. Collins to establish expectations about timing.

How much does it cost?
Since every project is unique, pricing is by quotation only. Go to Contact us to discuss.

How are unintended delays handled?

In the event of an unintended delay, such as a natural or man made disaster, once your project has commenced, it becomes part of our Business Continuity Plan. Production is continued off-site and in a different part of the country. Additional support by Design for Production helps insure the expert completion of your project.

What about shipping and handling?

Paper is both heavy and extremely delicate and is prone to dents and bends if not packaged, and handled, with extreme care.

Each “lift” (stack) of cards and notes and envelopes are wrapped in archival glassine by an expert paper handler. These are triple-cartoned, with padding, and sealed.

Unless otherwise instructed in writing by the client, our stationery orders are shipped FedEx Ground, insured, with signature required by the recipient. Once in FedEx’s hands, we are not responsible for timing, delivery, or condition.

Is my purchase refundable?


For more information not covered in the above, Contact Mrs. Collins directly. She loves inquiries and discussing bespoke engraved stationery.

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