United Fruit Photo-Album

07/15/21 Letters Read: Bananas Anyone?

Available on Spotify for Podcasters, a recorded reading from a handmade, 1906 photo album, Quarantine Tour of Central America and Panama by Health Authorities as guests of The United Fruit Company. Produced in response to the last documented yellow fever outbreak in New Orleans and the United States. In photographs and text, this interesting relic […]

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Hand Engraved Lettering, Once Again!

Monograms depend upon structural elements—such as stems and trunks—to hold them together. Monogram initials can not be taken apart without falling apart. A cipher is a series of wonderfully independent initials. Cipher initials depend on themselves alone; individual and expressive. Such as “N S C”. (Cipher is also spelled cypher.) Lettering, on the other hand,

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Surrealist Ball Invitation

Veranda Magazine & the Surrealist Ball

Our Bespoke Typography is featured in the May-June issue of Veranda Magazine. Exclusively for Veranda, we designed an invitation inspired by the infamous, 1972, Surrealist Ball. The original invitation, and this current rendition, read backward, on purpose! The wonderful story, Swinging from the Chandeliers was photographed by Laurey W. Glenn, and produced by Rachael Burrow,

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'Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando' by Edgar Degas.

03/25/21 LETTERS READ: Edgar Degas

A podcast of personal letters from Edgar Degas surrounding his 4-month stay in Reconstruction-era New Orleans. LISTEN HERE. Christopher Kamenstein reads as Degas. Audio production is by Steve Chyzyk and Sonic Canvas studio. The event is emceed by stationer and project director Nancy Sharon Collins. This podcast is hosted by Pitot House and co-promoted by

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Lucky Charm

Stationer, extraordinaire, Nancy Sharon Collins brings to Reed Smythe & Company these exclusive sets of place and notecards engraved with a bright green four-leaf clover. The universal symbol of good luck.  These beautiful, super-heavy-weight cards are perfect for every Spring and Summer event. The notes make those thank you’s a pleasure to write and to

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