Wedding Monogram

wedding monogram

Mrs. Collins does not often accept wedding projects. They have to be extra special, have no time constraints, and the bride and the groom must tickle her fancy in some way.

Such was the instance with this project.

Mrs. Collins loved the uniqueness of the couple’s story. Further, the bride was an absolute dream to work with—no bridezilla vibes here, none at all. Instead, the couple were kind, polite, excellent communicators, respectful of the process and Mrs. Collins’ rare gift graphing monograms. (Graphing means drawing. Particular apt here as all Bespoke Monograms from Mrs. Collins are drawn by hand with a “stubby graphite pencil”.)

So enjoyable is Mrs. Collins’ Bespoke Monogram process that there is a brand new, totally delicious article about it, and her, in The Glam Pad! Andrea, Glam’s Founder and Executive Editor, nailed the process from the get-go. She describes bespoke monograms and ciphers as the ultimate in personal branding.

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