Match Hand Engraved Stationery to Decor

Color coordinate engraved stationery to decor.

Coordinate the paint colors in the decor of your new living room to hand engraved stationery!

The monogram shown here is perfectly matched to Clark + Kensington interior paint color Precious Peonies. The custom, screen printed, envelope lining is too! The delicate, pink, letter paper bordering is a Benjamin Moore paint color: Unspoken Love. We can replicate almost any commercial paint color so your engraved social stationery reflects the interior decoration of your home!

This highly skilled work is a collaboration between Mrs. Collins and a small, cottage industry-style, network of artists. Many of whom are women with MFA degrees in book arts who also care for their new babies and full-time careers in the book arts here New Orleans.

Proficient color matching is part science and part art: Engraved stationery inks differ from screen printing inks and from paint. Color also appears different printed on different papers and small, thin letters may look like a different color than the same hue in a large area such as the interior of an envelope. We strive to address all of these considerations while matching colors. And while some color combinations are simply incompatible, we recommend alternatives that please.


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