Gilded Catfish

Gilded Catfish

Exclusively for Reed Smythe & Company, super-heavy-weight cards engraved with a gilt catfish carrying a magical golden key. Inspired by a papier-mache gilded catfish that once adorned a New Orleans Mardi Gras float. These sumptuous cards elevate the lowly Mississippi bottom feeder to its rightful place on the most festive of tables.

The iconic, Reed Smythe & Company Catfish, was hand-drawn by Mrs. Collins. The drawing was then interpreted by one of our engravers into a sculpted brass die for the dimensional quality and two copper plates for the gilding. Choose from Place Cards, Note Cards with Envelopes, and Menus. Or, buy them all! Order direct, each item below is a link for purchasing.

Menus, 8 for $35.

Note Cards, 8 including matching Envelopes for $65.

Place Cards, 8 for $40.

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