Everything you need to understand about engraving for stationery:

A diminutive 7-page, 6.25 X 3.5″ booklet engraved on two different weights of antique translucent paper hand bound in silk presented in a vintage, re-purposed envelope, sent through the mail, with four individual 100% cotton cards, each a different weight and slightly differing color (from fluorescent white to pale blue and gray) emphasizing the different kinds of engraving method used on each. Letterpress printed in red, the only ink used other than black in this entire package, is a small caption on each card corresponding to the explanatory text about each method in the booklet.

Producing the various pieces in this project entailed the use of many different kinds of paper and card stock collected over the years by Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer. Production for these little engraving missives included but was not limited to:

  • 12 engraving press runs
  • 16 different papers (from #13 Parchment to 4-ply—60pt—Rising Mill Museum Board) in 4 different sizes
  • 17 letterpress press runs
  • Four different sizes of card stock
  • Four different sized envelopes from a total of 11 different converters

Components of this project were accomplished in all four cardinal directions across the country: San Francisco bay area, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Milwaukee, and New Orleans, employing the talents of:

  • Two pressmen (engraving and letterpress);
  • Two banknote engravers;
  • One pantograph engraver;
  • One photo-engraver;
  • Several copy editors; and
  • One book arts artist.
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