Color Matching Systems II

New PRINT magazine article discussing color management. This is the second in the series about how this stationer deals with color, especially managing expectations and technical challenges. In addition to Mrs. Collins’s own expertise, it quotes from interviews with heavy hitters in the printing technology industry such as Pantone, Konica Minolta, Rochester Institute of Technology, and even

Ever wonder why that pink you love ended up looking so awful on lime green card stock? This series attempts to explain some of the reasons this happens, and offers a few best practices for choosing ink and paper colors. Here’s the first article, The Visual Culture of Color: A Brief History of Color Matching Systems.

For this article, Mrs. Collins also interviewed local artisanal printers, letterpress and screen printers, to discover how they manage color matching for their clients. Collins’s years as a professional graphic designer in her own firm in New York City taught her exacting tolerance for making that one, ideal pink look as it should, even on lime green! (The trick is press proofing the actual ink on that pesky lime green card stock.)

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