Onion Skin in Garden & Gun Magazine

Turn to page 58 for a look at our hand engraved monogram on our very proprietary onion skin letter papers.

Not only is the monogram first drawn by hand (with a real pencil a real paper), it is then engraved—by hand—onto a half-inch thick steel die. After this, a 2-hour “makeready” is required on the engraving press. Each incredibly delicate sheet of onion skin is placed in the press—one by one—individually and by hand.

Needless to say…this process is not for the faint of heart. The results, however, are absolutely unique and astoundingly beautiful.

Available now is a handmade Packette of 5 onion skin envelopes and matching, french-folded sheets exclusively available here! (Monogram and engraving additional.)

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