Luxury Onion Skin Envelopes

Once the paper of choice for discerning letter writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, onion skin is less than half the thickness of regular computer paper and just a tad heavier than tissue. True onion skin has not been manufactured in this country for over 40 years. Lucky for well-healed letter writers […]

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Saturday 4/25 @ Gallier Historic House

April  25th at Gallier Historic House in the French Quarter, New Orleans: Come learn the fine art of making your own monogram. Beginning class Saturday, April 25th 10am-Noon. Advanced class Saturday, April 25th 1-3pm. Experience the classic process of creating a custom monogram through an immersion in vintage lettering styles, monograms, crests, seals, calling cards, and more. In these

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Monogram class image.

3/21/15 Hi-touch meets digital 2-hour classes

These hands-on beginner and advanced classes work with examples of vintage monograms, lettering styles and engravings. Students learn to make new symbols, traditional monograms, and letterforms using these historic pieces as inspiration. By tracing, combining, then retracing existing forms, new, totally original designs, monograms and letterforms are created. Beginning (10:00am-noon) and advanced (1:00-3:00pm) levels of

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Superbowl Team Wins 5 ADDY Awards!

A fantastic project on which Mrs. Collins consulted wins Addy awards! “Congrats to the 2018 Super Bowl Bid Team.. We didn’t beat Minneapolis’s new stadium, but we did win 5 New Orleans Addy (advertising) awards awards. Thanks Zhender Communications, The Ehrhardt Group, Phillip Collier, Harry Connick and the Marsalis School for Music, David Perrier, Nancy Sharon

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