Saturday 4/25 @ Gallier Historic House

April  25th at Gallier Historic House in the French Quarter, New Orleans:

Come learn the fine art of making your own monogram.

Experience the classic process of creating a custom monogram through an immersion in vintage lettering styles, monograms, crests, seals, calling cards, and more. In these hands-on classes students will learn to create new symbols, traditional monograms, and letterforms using historic pieces as inspiration. By tracing, combining then retracing existing forms, new, totally original designs will be made. For tech-wavy and curious attendees: peripheral device short-cuts and the famous “ah-HA” moment in Adobe Illustrator will be unveiled. For tech-challenged and or averse: Historic lettering specimens, plenty of paper, pencils, and tracing paper included.

The monogram class series is now a proud supporter of WWNO/NPR, click the little arrow on the left to listen:

Shown is a cipher brought into the March 21st Advanced class by area artist Lisett Copping from her family papers. This cipher, with crest (in this case a crown) is blind embossed on a marriage announcement ca. 1700s and was printed in Italian.


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