Lucky Charm

Stationer, extraordinaire, Nancy Sharon Collins brings to Reed Smythe & Company these exclusive sets of place and notecards engraved with a bright green four-leaf clover. The universal symbol of good luck. 

These beautiful, super-heavy-weight cards are perfect for every Spring and Summer event. The notes make those thank you’s a pleasure to write and to post. Make sure to put double postage on that envelope! The cards are that luxuriously thick so they require extra-normal postage. The note cards are $65 for a set of 8, beautifully wrapped in archival glassine and an engraved bellyband. Each card is approximately 6″ wide and 4″ tall.

The placecards are 3″ wide and 2″ tall, sold in sets of 8, wrapped in glassine, and bellybanded in the engraved, Reed Smythe & Company – Mrs. Collins branding. Place cards are $50 for the set.

The Clover artwork was first hand drawn by Mrs. Collins, in pencil, on paper. Then the art was translated by an engraver into a sculpted brass die. The Kelly-green ink is engraved and everything is magnificently embossed for a distinct, 3-dimensional appearance.

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