HOW Magazine

In 2016, HOW Magazine published Collins’s article about everything NOT to do in a self promotion and get fantastic results anyway. The article documents notions about repurposing fine papers, utilizing local as well as regional, and national artisanal crafts persons, and generally running amuck in all the resources print nerds adore.

In addition to utilizing beautiful old paper squirreled away in quantities too small for commercial use, this tiny booklet explains what is stationery engraving. The booklet itself is engraved. It is also hand bound with silk book bindery thread. In the prototype, ca. 1972 silk button twist was used. Sadly, silk button twist is no longer available. Book bindinery thread was substituted.

Though this article blithely explains why this project exercised everything in its process that was the most impractical manner to produce an edition of any kind, the results of this project are gorgeous!

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