Holiday Cheer, Engraving, & Specialty Printing

Engraved holiday image.

Happy holidays and great, good cheer while gathering around your favorite celebration icons. Such as decorated ferns and trees. Vintage train sets, spinning tops, and, of course, elves.

When you need a little break from the eggnog, the roasting of turkeys and yams, and all those brussel sprouts, take a moment to read Mrs. Collins’s interview for Design Observer with Mount Street Printer director, Alex Cane. In London, England. As Mrs. Collins gleefully discovered, Cane’s firm offers a lot of processes with a focus on offset litho (mostly spot color work), letterpress, digital printing, foiling, die-cutting, laser cutting, envelope-making, and of course, engraving.

As is well known, Mrs. Collins specializes in engraving. Especially monograms and ciphers. (Also spelled cypher.)

In fact, Cane’s company referred a fantastic, loyal client to Mrs. Collins. Who is now working on that gentleman’s second Bespoke, custom cipher.

The interviewer and interviewee follow each other on Instagram. @nancy_sharon_collins and @mountstreetprinter respectively.

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