Hand Bound Ledger

Hand bound ledger

Handmade Genuine Pressboard and vintage Onion Skin ledgers.

At 16.5” X 7” the volume is tall enough for carrying textbook-style in your arms. Mrs. Collins’s ledgers are bound with silk thread and an Iris, book cloth spine comprised of 80 pages each blue and white 9#, vintage, onion skin papers. Onion skin is but a tad thicker than tissue. Vintage Onion Skin of this quality has not been made in decades; the blue is 100% cotton and the white is rag content.

Graphic elements, such as the signature label on front, and colophon on the last page, are engraved. The hand marbled end papers are the last from a limited edition once produced in the U.K.

This is an edition of eight. Seven ledgers are for sale, $187.00 a piece plus shipping.

Commissions for custom Press Board and Onion Skin books are welcome. Contact Mrs. Collins directly.


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