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There’s a treasure trove of real, print magazine articles covering Mrs. Collin’s fine, engraved stationery if you can find them. You know, the magazines one used to buy on real newsstands. For instance, Travel & Leisure’s America’s Top Paper Artisans article by Lynn Yeager listed Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer as one of the top engraved stationery purveyors. Here’s one from Vogue. Not to mention fashionable blogs such as The Butlers Closet.

Mrs. Collins prides herself on offering the highest quality bespoke hand engraved stationery and also offers a few, rarified, ready-made hand engraved stationery items. Such as the little image on the lower right, the “Pale Pink” hand engraved “Thank You”. This is one of the limited edition cards and stationery items available from the shopping section of this website. These products are produced in small batch editions, and some—such as the black and fawn notes shown large here—are special order. So inquiries can be useful if the timing is an issue.

Each black or fawn “Thank You” note is hand engraved on extraordinarily thick, 100% cotton rag museum board hand beveled and edged in silver. A few remain in our archive and can be bought. Please inquire. Larger quantities can be ordered custom. Inquiries, pricing, timing, and general inquiries are always welcome.

Collins offers two levels of service: Bespoke and Petite Suite. Bespoke is as would be expected. It is completely custom, by hand, and totally unique to the client. The resulting hand engraved stationery is unlike anyone else’s in the world. Petite Suite is a faster purchase, easier on the pocket, and very giftable.

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