8/8/18 Monograms, Tagging, and Tattoos

Monograms, Tagging, and Tattoos

Similarities and Differences in Three Unique Forms of Cultural Expressions.

Monograms, Tagging, and Tattoos
Custom monogram by Mrs. Collins (far left). Graffiti on Charters downriver from Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans (middle). © 2018 William “Billy” Bracey. downtowntattoosnola.com/artists/billy-brace/ (far right).

Wednesday, Aug. 8th
Gallier Gathering
6:00 to 7:30pm
Admission $10.00
includes complimentary wine reception with the speaker at 7:00PM.
Gallier House
1132 Royal Street
New Orleans French Quarter.

Look around, what do you see?

Monograms on T-shirts and sweatshirts and cars, tagging on walls, tattoos on areas of bodies never dreamed of before. What do these have in common? How do they differ? Stationer Nancy Sharon Collins will delve into the similarities and differences between three, highly individual forms of cultural expression: Monograming, graffiti/tagging, and tattooing.

Brief histories of each form will be examined, visual examples will be shared, ideas and norms that surround each will be presented and considered for discussion. Followed by Q & A which, Mrs. Collins anticipates, will be lively.

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