3/22/18 Mrs. Collins Regrets: Writing that Letter You Really Don’t Want To

Mrs. Collins Regrets

Learn to write that letter you really don’t want to! This informative session about personal correspondence by Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer LLC, is a “how-to” presentation for drafting hard-to-write letters.

Using visually compelling, real-life examples—historic and contemporary—Collins illustrates the nuts and bolts for how to compose thoughtful, thorough letters and notes addressing sensitive emotional situations. These “regrets” include how to write such difficult topics such as job application rejection letters; rejections for proposals (romantic and professional); notices of unwanted or unpleasant actions (personal and professional); letters of termination; condolence letters including the oft-forgotten and very important bereavement acknowledgment letter, and Dear John letters.

Mrs. Collins Regrets is part of the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Literary Festival 2018 Writers Craft Series.

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