2. Nancy Says—The Importance of Bespoke Monograms

In this second of the 10 part mini-video series, Mrs. Collins believes in the importance of hand drawn, custom, bespoke monograms and their relationship to good graphic design.

2. Nancy Says—The Importance of Bespoke Monograms from Mrs. Collins.

In the much longer article, Engraver, Communicator of Content published by Intellect Books, Collins goes on to say that—while everybody these days loves letters and fonts and typography—rarely are engraved letter forms appreciated. Further, she explains that engraved letters, in particularly monograms and cyphers, are robust champions of graphic design and typographic history when viewed through the lense of their everyday use. Think, for instance, how normal it is to order your monogram from a catalog or select a cipher from a chart on a website. Mrs. Collins would have you think again: How absolutely special and intimate would the experience be having a one-of-a-kind, hand engraved, monogram created just for you?

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